Have a Smooth Expat Family Transition with the Help of Expat Counseling

Lock, stock and baby bottle.

How instability impacts our children.

The few things we know for certain:

  • The higher the rate of residential moves, the more behavioural, social-emotional and educational problems a child will exhibit.
  • The following factors have been proven to have an impact on a child’s stability:
  • Loss of familiar activities and routines.
  • The loss of familiar physical environments.
  • Loss of social-support networks.
  • A decrease in their parent’s well-being or quality of parenting due to a move.
  • The loss of prior social connections.
  • The quality of the new home and neighbourhood.
  • The extent of the impact and effect of the above mentioned relies heavily on the age and gender of the child, the family structure as well as parental support.

To move or not to move…

Get them involved

Do your homework

Plan ahead

Learn the basics

Keep things as stable as possible





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